Apr 14, 2014


when i asked my mommy friends about how doing prenatal yoga effected their childbirth, i received different opinions. a few told me that they felt the prenatal yoga moves made their body more flexible and they can apply the breathing technique which made the process of giving birth easier, while the other few said it's useless because when the moment came they just panicked, forgot about the breathing technique and well, they still felt the pain.

after giving it a thought, i had decided that it wouldn't be a wrong thing to give it a try. the problem is, i'm just too lazy to go to a yoga class. Jakarta's traffic can be such a zen killer that these days i only get out of the house for work, a date with my husband or a family occasion. so i searched prenatal yoga guide videos on YouTube and found these Katie Appleton's ones for Body Talk Daily - my favorites out of the many prenatal yoga guide videos out there. i'm starting my first prenatal yoga session at home today and i thought sharing these videos with you would be useful if you're curious about prenatal yoga. whether you're pregnant or not at the moment, you can still follow Katie's instructions since the moves are not just for mommy-to-be only.


PS. i will be sharing about my pregnancy stories and things i'm learning so far from my pregnancy at the new section of this blog, which is called hey baby.

Apr 13, 2014


last week, i posted about asking you to experience Kiehl's together with me in their Let Us Change Your Skin campaign. and if you're following my Instagram, i'm sure you've seen a few pics which i posted there that have the hashtag #taraxkiehlslucys which is the sign of my Instagram updates that are related to the campaign. well, today i would like to share to you more details about this campaign.

Apr 11, 2014


lately, i've been spotting accounts on Instagram which are promoting cold pressed green juice products. not only from foreign countries (ever heard of Moon Juice?), but also from mine, Indonesia. one of those local product brands is Rawkstar. a couple of weeks ago, Donauly from Rawkstar juicery sent me an email asking if i would be interested to try Rawkstar unpasteurized cold pressed green juice. with all those people posting about green juice saying how healthy it is, i thought, why not? so i told Donauly to send these bottles of juice to my place and i asked her a few questions via email about cold pressed green juice and of course, Rawkstar juicery.

Apr 9, 2014


a couple of weeks ago, i went to this little cafe called Fitzroy. the cuteness of this place freaked me out! the owners of this place actually collected one by one the adorable stuff that was displayed there - look at that wall, isn't it awesome? the artworks, the candle holder mirror, the bottles, and many more vintage home decor items, i wish i could take them home with me.

Apr 8, 2014


last sunday, i just started my journey with Kiehl's Let Us Change Your Skin campaign - which requires me to try products from the beauty brand for a month - and so far, my skin and i are loving it! i can't wait to see the good change that Kiehl's will do to my skin and share the story with you. even better, i would like to ask you to experience Kiehl's product together with me. how? all you need to do is open their Facebook application and follow the instructions that you will find there. ready to let Kiehl's change your skin? if you're ready, click HERE.